Our services

At Timber Trade Parquet Sawmill Van den Branden you can contact us for various services.

Parquet company Van den Branden is a permanent name on the Belgian parquet market and also in other countries such as the Netherlands, France, England and Italy.

Choosing quality and coziness, a wide choice of different oak planks and parquet floors is choosing for parket company Van den Branden. Satisfaction of the customer is central to us. We give you advice, we guide you to make the right choices. Once a customer with us is a customer forever.

Choosing Parquet Van den Branden is choosing sustainability, security, craftsmanship, guaranteed by our company on the basis of years of experience and completely based on our own product.

A selection from our services:

  • placing all parquet and plank floors as it should
  • sanding and re-working of existing parquet and plank floors
  • small repair work on the parquet floors
  • cladding of concrete stairs
  • placing window tablets, convector grilles, ...
  • start up help for do-it-yourselfers
  • sale of finishing products
  • short delivery and delivery times
  • placing wooden terraces in bilinga and ipé
  • lining bathrooms in wood